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ALL the Pics of my planes.
These are my faverate planes, if you look in Photo2 page you will see the plans for these and if not let me know I will answer any ?'s you may have.

1-26 in the air

1-26 in the air

1-26 close in

1-26 in a fly by

Launching my 1-26

96" fox before its first flight

getting ready to throw it for the first time.

Perfect landing after first flight

40" mugi

Mugi in a fly-by

Polly Pusher with belly exposed

Polly Pusher with Sloping pod

Zugi @ 47"

Shovel @ 40" plans on photo2

Zugi in a fly by!

Zugi in Motion

Zugi flying by

Shovel floating by

2-56 ready for its first flight

2-56 has its maiden flight

fox rides the wind

FOx flies away

flox floating on by

fox starting a dive

Fox close up

1-26 cruising out