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These are my best flying and most successful scratch builds
To see my finished planes goto "photo page" and see the finished products of these plans.

1-26 all EPP @ 72"
This is made with EPP and if you were to only make the leading edge (1" to 2") EPP and the rest of the wing white foam it would decrease the weight alot. I used Graphite rod in the wings and they were plent stiff. I also made the wing detachable increasing the weight by at least an ounce. I also added a small amount of dihederal to it making to more stable.

This is my faverate plane always fun, and no fuss.

I added a degree of dihederal it to the wing to make it more stable, but it will still do any trick you can make it do with 15mph winds.

Polly Pusher // Slope and Power
This is a great plane on the flats or the Slopes with the Power Pod it can really help in the low wind days; and will fly in very light winds (3-6mph)with little problems.

Dispite its inverted V tail it is pretty responsive and zippy.

FOX all EPP @ 96"
This made of all EPP, it must have Graphite rods in the wings because of the leanth of the wings. I tried it with Carbon rods and it would flap like a Sea Gull. I flew it in 50mph winds and had the wings moving 20" in both directions (flapping). SO spend the extra $ and get the Graphite.

This is a good plane to catch thermals with and is pretty acrobatic.

Shovel @ 40" plank delta wing
This is a fun simple delta that is pretty stable and a great floater. A real picture is on the photo page.

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